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Surveillance Technologies has distinguished itself from other security companies by specializing in providing top of the line digital recording surveillance systems that allow businesses to remotely manage their facilities from anywhere around the world.  We offer an unmatched parts and labor warranty on everything we sell and install at no additional cost. Our experienced sales team can assist you in determining the best surveillance solution for your business that meets your budget. We give free no obligation estimates.  Whether you are monitoring for employee productivity, vandalism, theft or loss prevention, our systems are capable of meeting all your surveillance needs. We have been developing Surveillance Systems for over 20 years.  Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies and Government agencies to convenient stores and family businesses.  Our extensive line (Professional Security Cameras, Remote Surveillance Systems, Digital Surveillance Recorders, Covert Cameras, Dome Cameras, PTZ cameras,  IP Cameras, and Infra-Red Cameras) consists of over 200 security products that are high in quality, low in cost, easy to operate and setup, and suited to blend harmoniously into any decor.  Our state of the art digital recorders have won many awards for their recording and remote surveillance capabilities. Our cameras utilize very advanced CCD chips made by Sony to produce an extremely high quality image. We take tremendous pride in making sure our customers are satisfied. We believe our job only begins when we complete the installation. Compare our low prices, our high quality of products, and our ongoing quality of service. We want to make sure you are a customer for life.  Please don't hesitate to call us at 1-609-921-7721 or email us at so we can advise you on the proper solution for your security applications.


Important Findings You Should Be Aware Of:
Where Inventory Shrinkage Happens
  • Employee Theft 46%
  • Shoplifting 30.6%
  • Administrative Error 17.6%
  • Vendor Fraud 5.8%

'The study, conducted by the University of Florida, discovered that retail security managers attributed more than 46 percent of their losses to the thefts of disgruntled workers. In comparison, 31 percent of retail losses were the result of shoplifters. Employee theft was up 2 percentage points from the previous study. '

Internal theft now costs U.S. retailers $14.9 billion annually, compared to shoplifting costs of $10 billion. Employee theft and shoplifting combined account for the largest source of property crime committed annually in the United States.

The remainder of the annual retail losses are due to paperwork errors at 17.6 percent and theft by vendors at 5.8 percent, according to the data obtained by analyzing theft incidents from 116 of the largest U.S. retail chains.

"Given that the surveyed portion of the retail economy annually transacts over $1.845 trillion dollars, this percentage of loss is worth over $32 billion," Hollinger said. "This means that the single largest category of larceny in the United States is the crime that occurs in retail stores. This figure is larger than motor vehicle theft, bank robbery or household burglary combined."


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